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A Personal Note: The Making of “The Peculiar Mind”

Krause, Diane. “The Peculiar Mind.” In The Rearview Mirror, O’ree Williams et al., edited by Megan Basinger et al., 92-104. Active Alumni Writers, January 21, 2021. This story comes from a real-life “Peter” who heard voices. It took a ton of research and imagination to discover his nature. Turns out, like the authentic person, Peter La Reau is one of my …

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“Here Comes Baby Blog” Soon I’ll be the proud parent of a newborn named The Blog. At the moment, I’m still pregnant, excited for this baby to be born. The due date is January 30th, 2021. If she comes early, you’ll be here for the opening day of Active Alumni’s newest book, “The Rearview Mirror.” The Peculiar …

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