The Blog Retreat


     I’m excited to share some news with you: I’ve come back to writing on the web.  I’ve missed you while I let my old blog go.  The theme is sharing, which goes along with writing as we write to give others our stories.  

     My goal is to write something that lifts your imagination out of the daily grind to a new possibility.   I’ll try to follow the style of the authors I really enjoy.  When reading I often think what a unique way the author has with words.  Sure the story may be another version of Cinderella, however, it’s never been put out in that particular way before.  

     Right now, I’m working on my first short story for this blog.  It’s written, but my rule is to edit it twice before putting it out for critiques.  After the comments, it’ll be edited much more.  Experience tells me the published piece will be a far cry from the initial draft.  But I digress.  The story is about Emily, who thinks she’s clairvoyant, but even her best friend doesn’t believe her.  Here is the start:

The War Within

     The art of hanging out one’s laundry is lost in this modern era.  The young may never know the softness of cotton lightly swaying in the summer breeze, the brightness of sundried whites, or the true smell of fresh country air.  Alice and I do.  Monday mornings are saved to gather around the military housing clotheslines set directly across from each other.  The methodical yet physical task of holding our personal coverings and hanging them out into the world leads our conversation in directions normally too intimate to be spoken out loud. 

     It’s funny that my website is still under construction yet I’ve completed my first post.  The reason is the first post is our challenge for the online writer’s group called Write to Publish at The Write  The writers in this group are the most encouraging, helpful, and motivating people I’ve met on my journey so far.  No, I didn’t write that because the other members are going to critique this post and my short story. 

     Thanks for stopping by. I can’t wait to have more short stories and a newsletter ready for you.    

8 thoughts on “The Blog Retreat

  1. Jennifer B.

    Great job at making the scene come alive! I both saw and smelled those freshly laundered items as they swayed in the breeze. You also have me intrigued as to what they might discuss during their shared time, airing their laundry to the world.


  2. dianekrausewriter Post author

    Hi Jennifer,
    Great comment! Now I’m going to change up the story a bit to add a little more scarlet to the women. Their dirty laundry is going to come alive. I’ll email you as soon as I revise. Shameless plug: anyone who signs up for the newsletter can also get The War Within for free.
    Thank you for sparking my imagination,


    1. dianekrausewriter Post author

      Frozen pants are funny. There all over Instagram or here’s a bunch of good ones
      I am unaware of the movie you mentioned. I did find the documentary: “Drying for Freedom:”
      “Our planet’s economic and environmental future hangs on an unlikely thread: the clothesline. British filmmaker Steven Lake criss-crosses the world to unravel the reasons and consequences for the banishing of the clotheslines in favour of tumble dryers as our future is hanging on the line!”

      Genres Special Interest, Documentary
      Director Steven Lake



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