About Me

You might be wondering why I designed my website’s imaginary resort. The reason is the feeling of getting away from it all when reading or writing. Escaping into a good book or story idea is like separating yourself from the rest of the world while you make time to enjoy the brilliance. I invite you to get comfortable, put your house slippers on, and say hello to your inner muse. You might be transported to reading at a seaside resort or writing at a lake cabin in the woods.

Well, I guess you came to here to learn about me so here’s my go at it. The day my life changed forever the day I signed the contract for the Institute for Writer’s twelve-month course Breaking into Print. Here a published author mentored my short stories. This experience taught me how much I love to learn and oh dear there’s plenty to know. Since graduating I’ve been active in The Write Practice writer’s groups: Becoming Writer and Write to Publish. Here I’ve discovered the value of sharing and connecting with other writers. Other places I write are National Writing Month, University of Iowa Novoed program, Coursera, Reedsy and Write Askew. The writer’s life is for me.

My personal side is all about fun. My wonderful husband is my partner, my travel host, and my true love. We have a blast especially going to country or good old rock concerts. Our goal is to travel all fifty states yet we keep returning to our favorite places San Diego, Nashville, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You’ll be able to see more of our travels as the blog retreat develops.

Here in Wisconsin, our adult daughter and son are our best friends. They’ve grown into great people with big hearts. My daughter and her husband soon will have a daughter of their own. My son is engaged to be married.

Besides writing I’m also my brother’s caretaker. He suffered a traumatic brain injury where he was brought back to life. The brain injury caused him to have little to no short-term memory. Imagine not being able to remember what you had for lunch an hour later, yet being able to recall every detail of your life from birth (1956) to the accident (1976). He can do anything he did before the accident such as laundry, reading the newspaper, and typing. Some of the words he uses are strange 1970 terms such as he calls the police bubble gum machines or the fuzz.

Our house is complete with two miniature Australian Shepherds, who have their own Instagram account @best_friends_bella_and_patches.

Currently, my work in progress is the novel Johnny Be Good. It’s an “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” vs “The Sixth Sense” book. Johnny doesn’t know he has schizophrenia and thinks the stray dog he befriended talks. Johnny’s episodes of seeing psychedelic lights take him and his dog to weird places.