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Well, I guess you came to here to learn about me so here’s my go at it.

Life has taught me to roll with the changes. After raising three kids and working various jobs I got lucky enough to be able to work from home. My day is split between taking care of my brother, Brian, and focusing on my writing career. A day off is rare because this is the life I was meant to live.

My personal side is all about fun. My wonderful husband is my partner, my travel host, and my true love. We have a blast especially going to country or good old rock concerts. Our goal is to travel all fifty states yet we keep returning to our favorite places San Diego, Nashville, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You’ll be able to see more of our travels as the blog develops.

De Pere, Wisconsin is our home base, especially during the late fall and winter. Come spring we commute from our cabin near Governor Earl’s Peshtigo State Forest. Life on the lakes provide plenty of recreation along with relaxation time reading, writing, and sharing with friends.

Besides Brian, our best friends are our adult children Ashley and Marcus.

Ashley has blessed us with our son-n-law Nathan and granddaughter Everleigh. A weekend doesn’t go by without an outing. We enjoy Green Bay’s  Titletown and The New Zoo.

Marcus and his soul mate, Amanda are our travel and business partners. Together we enjoy meals and a good game of billiards.

Our first born, Daniel, resides in heaven, but lives forever in our hearts.

Currently, my work in progress is the novel Johnny Be Good. It’s an “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” vs “The Sixth Sense” book. Johnny leaves home with the a stray dog and begins a journey of weirdness, while his parents desperately try to find him. Johnny’s episodes of seeing psychedelic lights take him, his girlfriend, and his dog to strange and dangerous places.

The day my life changed forever the day I signed the contract for the Institute for Writer’s twelve-month course Breaking into Print. Here a published author mentored my short stories. This experience taught me how much I love to learn and oh dear there’s plenty to know.

Since graduating I’ve been active in writer’s groups. I started out with The Write Practice. Here we have writing contests, courses, and my favorite the workshop. In the workshop, the members gather to critique and support our work. My self-published short-story, The Abandoned Home was made possible from The Write Practice’s Write to Publish Course.

I got lucky again. Active Alumni Writers is a spin off group from The Write Practice, who accepted me into their group. We have published two books so far. One Story and The Rearview Mirror. We also hold zoom meetings at least once a month. The members of this group.

In a nutshell, I have a dream of being a writer and I’m going for it.

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