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Current March Reads

March Booklist

These are the books I’m reading this March. I’m most excited about book 11 and 12.

A couple of things to notice are:

  •  Freedom, by  MaryKate Dejardin, and The Strykers by Chelsi Hicks are not for sale yet. These are up for critique in my Writer’s Critique Group. Plus they are the first 6 chapters so you may see their names again. 
  • Beyond the Horizon, by O’ree Williams is coming March 15. He’s the same O’ree Williams that led Rearview Mirror and designed most of this website. Please see the note I added about his novel. 

Book 11 of 100

Book 12 of 100


Book 13 of 100

, "Freedom" by MaryKate Dejardin Green Bay Author Critique Group. March Meeting

Book 14 of 100

"The Styrkers," by Chelsea Hicks Green Bay Author Critique Group. March Meeting

Book 15 of 100

Book 16 of 100

I wanted to take a moment to announce the release of my friend O’ree Williams’ new novel, Beyond the Horizon Line series: \The Sanctuary coming out March 15th.  Beyond the Horizon Line series: \The Sanctuary tells of Gabriel Kittrich; a world renown neuroscientist on the cusp of realizing his life’s goal of making neural uploading a reality.   
Be sure to head over to Amazon and pre-order your copy today.  https://amzn.to/3r2MMUx 

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