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Wanda E Brunstetter's On Her Own is a romance novel set in an Amish community of Webster County. It leaves Barbara Zook to take on the harness shop business after her husband, David, died in a horse & buggy accident eight months ago. Things aren't going well for Barbara as she cannot work because she just gave birth to her 4th son causing postpartum depression. The shop is going downhill, where the possibility of Barbara having to sell the shop and lose everything is real. The attraction between Paul Hilty and Barbara runs the story. The problem is he'll soon be leaving town. Besides the widower, Bishop John Fery is looking for a wife to help raise his three girls. Brunstetter has written 90 books, and over 10 million copies sold. (I want to be her.) This book shows Amish life as a small, close-knit community where neighbors freely stop by and are met with food and drink. In my opinion, exploring the dangers of driving a horse and buggy on streets made for cars was missing. Also, a bit more of a fight over the expectation of marriage might have been interesting. However, the author achieved her mission to show how different a simple life is and the caring championship between the members. This is a sweet story of humble values. With respect to the author, this isn't what I expected or the type of book I read much of. Therefore I will withhold my recommendation.

Flicker of the Flame

Experts say the first sentences are the most important to the entire book. Flicker of the Flame’s opening: “Tereka hadn’t been sure of much in her twelve years, but this she knew: she had one chance. Just one” sets the adventure’s tone. This seemingly simple sentence tells us the main character is twelve-year-old, Tereka, who’s in trouble. Plus, that one chance spikes our curiosity.
We soon find out Tereka’s Mam mistreats her while favoring her twin brother, Tirk. The care she provides to baby brother Aito is never good enough. On the third birthday of the third child, Mam divorces Da changing Tereka’s life forever. In the world of Clefas, divorce is only legal once the youngest turns three.
Now, she is a lowly Trader Apprentice under her father’s guidance. To earn her trader license, she must travel from dangerous town to town. Good thing Da taught survival skills such as the bow and arrow. Not only does she fight bandits, but she also experiences inequality from those in power. All while discovering her family secrets.
This action-adventure is a struggle between good vs. evil. Through it all, we get to see Tereka grow up. As an adult, I marvel at Puerto’s imagination and invention while sympathizing with the struggles. Young adults are sure to recognize themselves in Tereka’s emotions. What teen hasn’t felt betrayal and injustice? I recommend this book.

My Best Mistake

Carole Wolfe’s My Best Mistake is a fun read. Main Character, Tasha is a single mother who is a bit clumsy, quite disorganized, and all heart.

This is book one in her My Best Series. I like this story so much that I’m buying each one in the series. What I like most is Tasha’s is a quirky loveable character who never quits. She’s faced with raising her daughter and son alone, a nasty X, a close sister, and a melding mother. It helps that she won the lottery, but that brings on legal issues. 

My Best Mistake is a fast read full of humor. One never knows what fate will bring. I recommend this book.


My Best Decision

Carol Wolfe’s second book offers a new take with Tasha’s sister, Sara taking the lead role. Tasha is nothing like her sister. She’s is a woman lawyer constantly fighting for equality in the workforce. After all, she is dependable, and well-organized. That is until her world is shaken by her husband’s X up to no good and his girlfriend that started the ruckus. And in front of the handsome new comer who joins forces with her. We get to see Tasha, the twins, and their mother.

Wolfe succeeds in building a loveable but scandalous family. The many twists kept me glued to this book for one Sunday afternoon. 

Carol Wolfe has something special with this series. I’ll be picking up the next book.

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