Authors I’ve Interviewed

Lately I’ve been interviewing other authors including
Kasey Anderson and Selma Martin .  You can check out Kasey and Selma’s short story reviews in the book study.  I’ve also conversed with Jennifer Baker, Krissy Baccaro, Evelyn Puerto, Madeline Slovenz, Kathleen Tumminello, B. O’ree Williams, Carole Wolfe, and Tamara Paxton Copley.  Connecting with these authors has helped me become more comfortable with the writing process.  They’ve been so kind and helpful that it finally (duh) occurred to me to publish the questions and answers. 

Since I was helped maybe their words of wisdom can help you.  It’s hindsight for the previous interviews so I’ve linked the author names with their fantastic websites.

More interviews to come.

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