Review of The Husked Heart by Kasey Anderson


Hi Friends,

Before I begin this review I’d like to share what I enjoy about futuristic fantasy stories. Out of the imagination of the creative writer comes possibilities. Sparks for real-life inventions sometimes start from the resourcefulness of the writer.  For example, The Starship Enterprise (1966) traveled to space long before Apollo 11 (1969).  These stories also serve to bring everyday problems and solutions to light.  Kasey Anderson transports her readers of The Husked Heart to discover what’s meaningful in life.  

Please enjoy this review.

            The title, character introduction, and natural setting set the mood for a gentle heartstring tug.  The plot reveals the adventure a bit at a time, bringing the reader in deeper with each new situation. The sequence is the main character Jerry has his internal organs replaced with alien flying sea slugs by extraterrestrials. Jerry is left with only memories of his previous life.  From here we board a rollercoaster ride experiencing not only the high points of Jerry’s new life but also his breaking point.

            The descriptive prose is The Husked Heart’s strength.  The calming effect of nature comes through in Anderson’s writing style.  We’re able to visualize the elements such as oceans, mountain cliffs, marine life, and sunshine as if we are there.  This is equally true of problem areas like the evil mothership, and plastic pollution.  The following quote is Anderson’s Jerry cliff diving into the ocean; “The water impacted hard against his skin and enveloped him, warm even in the dead of night.  He swam up to the surface, taking a deep breath before beginning to tackle the water one long stroke at a time.  Diving under the waves when necessary, he took occasional breaks to marvel at the blue-black sky.”

            This short story holds its own well, yet I couldn’t help but wish it was a novel or movie script.  The rich descriptions and character’s tough punches deserve savoring.

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