My First Review

Selma Martin gives us a glimpse of unconventional family beginnings.

Life changing events are akin to the biblical dove with an olive branch. This is true of Selma Martin’s short story, Wanted: Husband/Handyman. This story is equal to the dove tying the olive gift with ribbon and bow. Grace’s past and future is tied to her present day making her the underdog worth rooting for. However, her concern is the families present circumstances, which is all that really matters.
Down and out Grace places an ad for a handyman/husband and waits until loner Tim answers the call. The writing is full of light laughs which adds to the unconventional setting. An example is “Yesterday Tim had made the final trip into town with the horses, Zora and Gretchen, pulling a heavy cart with the last of the non-ferrous metal Jon White had amassed and idly piled all around the yard for years. Lucky for them, the sale of that metal got them enough money for the renovation plans Tim had for the house.” (Martin, Selma. WANTED: Husband/Handyman: A Short Story. Kindle Edition).
This romantic tale is sure to have young mothers and grandmothers relieving their own family beginnings. Grace and her family are depicted with a modern day accuracy including the butterflies of new love. Wanted will have you struggling with what ifs and believing anything is possible.

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