Diane Krause Writer

Diane Krause

Contemporary Fiction to Brighten Your Day

A flash of memories. A familiar face. A voice echoes in the distance. 

Harvey Cullum, a rideshare driver with the urRide company, has chauffeured people around for thirteen years without incident. Until now. When he wakes up in the state mental institution after a tragic car wreck involving one of his passengers, he is pressed by police to recount the events surrounding the accident.


One Chapter is over, the Next Begins

The Abandoned Home tells a tale of Martha Nelson, a career high school art teacher on the cusp of retirement.  Deciding to pull out all the stops, Martha decides to make a fresh start and move from the safety and familiarity of her home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Will she find joy in her new cottage home in the woods of Bear County, Michigan?  Will her marriage subsist?  Does she survive? 

Once Upon A Story: Stories to Inspire and Intrigue You

Once Upon a Story is an anthology put together by Active Alumni Writers, a group of 33 writers who took a class together and stayed in touch. The anthology features 18 stories by 15 authors and includes six genres: science fiction, realistic, fantasy, drama, psychological thriller, and horror. Our authors range in age from 23-72 and come from 5 different countries: the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Japan.